Perspective: A point of view.

Vanishing Point: A point in a two-dimensional perspective, where projections of mutually parallel lines in a three dimensional space appear to converge and vanish.

A vanishing point is where our perspective view of the world ends, and another begins.  There is more than meets the eye, and everything is not as it seems. 
Through my art I share intimate meditations on life.  I am not attempting to catch a moment in time.  I seek out the essence of a place.
Description of Lindsay Mac’s Recent Work:

My recent work has been inspired by the Robert Frost poem, “The Road Not Taken.”  The less traveled path is reflected in meditations along the winding trails, roads,
streams, and estuaries of these paintings.  There is a search for the essence of a place. Exaggerated cloud formations represent movement, and the passage of time.  
The destination of a indistinct path or little traveled road is suggested, although not clearly revealed.  The future is unknown.

In my travels I collect photographs of the places that I have visited.  I look back through these photos and compile a list of paintings. 
Some I will be inspired to paint, others I will consider for years, occasionally returning to the location to take more photos or to make sketches,
and others will live on as memories, shared with other travelers.  A story is unfolding with a sense of wonder and mystery.  These are times for reflection.



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On the Road in the Carolinas,


 The Highlands and the Islands of Scotland


and New England

Lindsay Mac began his studies at the little school in the woods, where he was excluded from the spelling bee, mourned the loss of a president, and briefly achieved fame for his paintings of truffola trees.  Son of a musician, raised in the City of Music, Lindsay attempted to master multiple instruments with little success.  His greatest musical achievement was to be listed in the church bulletin for a solo that he never sang.  Diagnosed with a hearing disorder, he discovered jazz pianist, Thelonius Monk, whose discordant notes, he enjoys to this day.

Lindsay illustrated his misspelled school essays, drew an acclaimed portrait of a classmate, and prepared his portfolio for art school, where his pastel mural of sand dunes and cranberry bogs, hung in the main gallery.  Returning to the salt marshes of the Carolina Lowlands, he was sustained by the salt air, the sound of tidal waves, and the call of gulls.  Adrift for thirty years in a dingy, Lindsay made use of a cut down Chlorox bottle to bail his boat and remain afloat.


He traveled to his spiritual homeland, the Hebrides Islands of Scotland. On a motorbike at low tide, he crossed the tidal sand flats to the Isle of Oronsay, explored the ruins of Finlaggin at Islay, reread George Orwell as he explored Jura, and climbed the Peak of the Edge.  Sailing home to seaside New England, he walks in the footsteps of Metacomet, along the tidal estuaries of the bay.  Lindsay Mac has resumed his paintings of trees, striving to portray intimate meditations on universal themes.


Girouix School of Art, Greensboro, NC – Portfolio

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI – 3 Semesters Illustration Major

Providence Art Club, Providence, RI – Classes with Anthony Tomaselli and Shawn Kenney

Gallery Shows

Portsmouth Art Guild, Portsmouth, RI - Sea, Land, & Sky Show - 2022

Providence Art Club, Providence, RI – Members Shows - 2011, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

RISD Woods Gerry Galleries, Providence, RI – Juried Student Show – Cranberry Bogs

Imago Gallery, Warren RI, - Member Shows - 2019, 2020


Providence Art Club, Providence, RI – Big and Small Show - 2017

Little Compton Juried Summer Art Show, Little Compton, RI – 2010

Portsmouth Art Guild, Portsmouth, RI – Members Show – 2ndPlace People’s Choice Award - 2012

M & S Development Corporate Offices, Brattleboro, VT – Artwork on Display – 2018-2019 ongoing


"Mystic Meditations", Providence Art Club, Providence, RI, 2023 ( date to be determined ) 

“Vanishing Point”, Providence Art Club, Providence, RI – March 2019

"A New Group Exhibition" , Imago Gallery, Warren, RI - 2019

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